Archaeologies of Green, the Bahrain Pavilion at the Expo Milano 2015, will feature a number of educational and stimulating events throughout the six-month duration of the Expo. Don’t miss the chance to experience Bahrain!

04 / 09 / 2015 - 08 / 09 / 2015
National Day

Launching on our Expo-dedicated National Day event, on 4th September, until 8th September, Bahrain Pavilion visitors will be treated to an enriching experience of the country’s hospitality and local culture.

​​Basket weaving

This live demonstration of one of the country’s most important crafts introduces guests to the timeless tradition of basket making using palm tree frond. Used across many local industries, Bahrain’s baskets come in many sizes, shapes and purposes.

​Musical performance

A distinguished musical performance of the Fjijiri tradition by the Qalali Group connecting audiences to Bahrain’s pearling heritage. This musical tradition, passed down through the years was, according to folklore, learned through a unique experience with supernatural forces.

​Traditional fashions

A fashion show of traditional Bahraini clothes, or the thoub, and its distinct embroidery sheds light on the shaping of local identity throughout the ages. With design motifs often derived from nature and the surrounding environment, including plants and architecture, the thoub is an elaborate garment.

28 / 09 / 2015 - 03 / 10 / 2015
Coffee Experience

Between 28th September and 3rd October, Bahraini taste in coffee and music comes to light.